Q) How can I update my details on Portal?

Ans: On the log-in page or in the left hand panel, you will see possibility to log-in to portal. Either you can create an account directly on our portal OR you can log-in with your SocialNetworking accounts. Once you login, you will be redirected to 'My Profile' page. Here are you requested to fill all fields and copy your profile into 'Paster your CV here' field. Please make sure to update all fields accurately; so that we do not miss your application, when you are actively looking for a job. And do not forget to click on 'Update' field.

Q) What is Custom Profile?

Ans: Custom Profile is our internal format. It is just a simply copy & paste of your Full CV. Instead of a Full CV copy & Paste; you will be doing multiple copy & paste's. Its simple. One thing that you should not forget is 'Add' button. By clicking Add button, you are able to add more customer project details.

Q) How can I update my Custom Profile efficiently, so that I get faster chances of getting a new job?

Ans: By clicking 'ADD' button in Custom Profile section; the fields 'Responsibilities' & 'Technologies Used' are very important. The more the tools and technologies you used, the better you update here. Perhaps you might have used microsoft word; though it is a common technology, it is worth adding it under 'Technologies Used'

Q) Do you have any step-by-step guide for updating Custom Profile?

Ans: Yes, Please login to our portal.  On tab, you will see a tab called 'HOW TO FILL CUSTOM PROFILE'

Q) I have a problem regarding updating my profile. I have tried many times by refreshing the My Profile page after logging in both on safari and Google chrome. But I was unable to get the display of the page to update my details. Kindly help me in resolving this technical problem.

Ans: It due to frames concept used on our website.  Currently, we are working on upgrading our website; and we hope that the issue will be resolved by next week.
For better results, we recommend to use Firefox.  Daily, we receive many applications, which means there should be some problem with some browsers or some virus scanning tools.
(Currently, some users are experiencing problem with Microsoft Explorer.  If problem persists, please use Firefox or Chrome or any other browser)

Q) As suggested I had tried to upload my details in chrome and mozilla which yeilded no results. I think the problem is with all internet tools.

Ans:  Either the problem is from Browser cache Or Firewall Or Antivirus.  Currently we use frames concept; which some Antiviruses are not supporting.  Hence you need antivirus to allow the page to display, so that you can fill the details.  Or clear Browser Cache or allow via Firewall settings.  Having said that; In parallel our technical team is working on upgrading this website completely.

Q) I have been trying to update the CUSTOM PROFILE tab, I have filled out the fields several times, but the Submit button at the bottom of the page won't work, consequently making me unable to update the respective tabs. I've read the How-to-fill Document, but it's not helping.


  • Please check whether you used any special characters ( eg; * @ %    ...etc; ) while filling the form before submiting the profile.. 
  • IF you did not use any special characters in Custom Profile; then it can be possible that your session is timedout (Session TimeOut).  In that case, do not close your current window tab; Open My-Profile page in a NEW tab.  When you open My-profile page in a new tab; your current session will become active; so that 'Submit' button will work.
  • Even if opening of new session does not help; then please don't close that window and make sure to try to 'Submit', after  half an hour.  Some times due to high volume of applciations, our Database might get locked.  Hence, please click Submit button after sometime, this will avoid reworking on copy & paste.
  • If 'Submit' button does not work after sometime; then just copy and paste content of Custom Profile into Email (Please follow same sequence, as it is in the form).  We will update this information internally.

Q)  I have entered my email-id but it is showing invalid data. I would like to know if I need to create a new account.

Ans: Please use reset password option; so that you will get Email with all instructions (including your User ID).  Please note the User ID, as stated in the email; which will be required, while logging next time.
(In case, if anyone creating their user ID for the first time; then we always recommend to use User ID as Email address.  In case, if someone login first time with any of the social networks; then the User ID will be their social network User ID.  Alternatively, our welcome Emails displays your User ID)

Q) As you said that my profile has been shortlisted for the Project Manager position for the first round stage, still how many stages of selection processes will be there to complete my application process ?


  • In the first stage, we check the fullness of your details.  If we miss, we will call you and Email you to get the details.
  • Then in the initial screening, we identify right candidates for the roles.  Then we will ask you to update your profile in our custom IQ format.
  • Then the profile will be sent to concerned Project Manager for review.  There are very many number of factors that the Project Manger will take in to consideration, while shortlisting candidates for Interview.
  • In case, if your profile is not selected for the said project; then we immediately send to another Project Manger for a similar technology requriement.
  • We keep doing this, until we invite you for an Interview.  It is very important that you keep your availability up to date all times.
  • Once you are called for Interview, normally it takes only 1 to 2 weeks to begin with the job. 
  • Remember that, we have situations, where the whole process took 1 week in cases and upto 3 or 4 months in other cases.  So, it is hard to predict the exact timings.  Hence we recommend to keep your details always upto date by login to our portal, and update your information under tab 'MY PROFILE'

Q) Kindly please let me know the status of my application.
Ans:  As described above; we continously thrieve to make the whole process as fast as possible.  However, we have always number of bottlenecks from getting your full details & 'Custom Profile updates'.  Hence make sure that your part is upto date and complete; so that we would be able to support you with same speed.  And remember that we do not want to update you each time a Project Manager rejects your profile due to any reason; instead we try to contact you once we secure you an Interview; which is the most important milestone in your career.  Each time we contact you; either we want to know your situation or we want to give you a good news.

Q) Tried several times to update my profile in your site from different web browsers (Chrome, Firefox etc.) but I was unable to do that. The page was not opening and I was getting "some unexpected connection failure" error message."

Ans:  Please send us a screenshot of how you are doing; along with the time.  As we are continously developing our portal; once in a week you may observe that the servers are down for maintenance.  In case, if problem exists, please try after an hour.  And if you still have problem, then just send us screenshot.  Just in case, if we do not understand problem from screenshot, then we might ask you for Teamviewer or Anydesk; to connect to your desktop to identify the issue.

Q) I am currently looking for a job . I would like to know if you have a job for My profile?

Ans: Unless we see, your complete details, we can not tell, whether you are fitting to the role or not. Several requriements for the SAME role changes from time to time; based on project requriement.




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