Recruitment specialists

Recruitment specialists :

A decisive factor for companies is finding and using the right employees for the upcoming tasks. In order to maintain a high degree of flexibility, an optimum mix of permanent employees and temporarily employed external employees is becoming more and more important. IQ is your specialist for the recruitment of highly qualified experts. If we respond to customer requests so quickly, we already know the right experts.


Recruitment process :

Permanent employment

  • Create the candidate profile
  • The Job advertisements
  • Research and search for suitable candidates
  • Presentation of the qualified candidates, handing over the profile


  • Recording of customer requirements and elaboration of a project request
  • Matching process between request and the expert database
  • Qualification of the interested experts according to interest, skill, availability, etc.,
  • Presentation of the profile at the customer within 24 hours after consultation with the candidate
  • Obtaining feedback and passing on to the expert
  • Coordinate interviews
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